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Rosary Set for Children Artwork

Rosary Set for Children Artwork

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By Monica Welch of Dovetail Ink

Artist Statement:

The Rosary, seen through the eyes of children. When meditating on the life of Christ, I find it helpful to place myself in scenes as a child - often holding the hand of Mary. The 20 Mysteries form the heart of the Rosary, and this set includes a colorful, engaging image for each. The Fruit of each mystery (often difficult to remember) are featured as text within each image, and referenced in mini-meditations printed on the back of the cards. The four sets of Mysteries - Glorious, Joyful, Luminous, and Sorrowful - were created with different theme colors, which tie the sets together both visually and mentally.

Sets include 20(!) full color illustrations with full-color backs, plus 4 full-color title cards for each set of Mysteries (also double-sided, with the list of Mysteries and Fruits on the back). Meditations on the back of each, is in hand-lettered text with a soft watercolor background. 

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