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Christmas Nativity

It all began Christmas of 1996, when Cecilio Rodriguez gave his fiance, Maricella, a special gift that was placed inside a paper mache star he made for her.  That star is the oldest of the 27 piece nativity scene they display in their yard during the Christmas season.  Through the years, Cecilio, Maricella and their 5 children have created the paper mache baby Jesus, Mary, Joseph, three kings, two shepherds, two sheep, lamb, cow, donkey, camel, star of Bethlehem and 12 other stars.  These life size figures, along with thousands of lights and other recycled materials like aluminum cans, bottle caps and used lottery tickets recreate the scene of Jesus' birth.   "I've always loved large nativiity scenes,"  Cecilio said. ...

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Lenten Pilgrimage

This year the Lenten Pilgrimage to the cross at Santa Cruz hill will be on Saturday, March 11, 2017.  We will gather at the foot of the hill at 10:00 am to pray the rosary.  After praying for a safe climb, we will ascend the hill reciting and singing the Stations of the Cross.  At the top we offer prayers of intention and thanksgiving.  There will be a group picture taken at the conclusion of the gathering.  Afterwards, all are invited to join us for fellowship and lunch.  This year marks the 10th consecutive year (12 total) of our annual pilgrimage.  After the death of Severina Rodriguez, the beloved matriarch of the Rodriguez family (Cecilio Jr.'s paternal grandmother) on March 3,...

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