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Patricia Vonne's "My Favorite Holiday" CD

Patricia Vonne's "My Favorite Holiday" CD

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I am so proud of my sister-in-law, Patricia Vonne (my husband's sister) who just released another album! We hope you will add it to your collection as you prepare for this Christmas Season!

All of My Favorite Holiday’s 11 tracks are original Vonne compositions, save one: “Carol of The Bells.” She completed that song a capella with her sisters, who have a long history of singing together.

“My mom would take us to the movies every weekend. We would never leave the theater without watching it twice, including the four-hour Gone with The Wind or Sound of Music,” Vonne said, explaining her love for the Von Trapp family’s musical vibe.

“My mom would teach us the chords, and we would perform at school recitals and things. We would get together and sing songs, and ‘Carol of The Bells’ was one of our favorites.”

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